VOLVO - APCL Joint Venture

Azad Group had business collaboration/Joint Venture with Global giants VOLVO from Year 2002 to 2011 wherein, initially, teams from both the companies used to visit each otherís countries to understand the technology and requirements.

Entire technology from Volvo was transferred to Azad Group for making City buses, Inter city buses and various other high end luxury buses.

This was the 1st of such kind wherein Super Luxury buses were made on a Bus chassis rather than a Truck chassis.

Azad Group has played vital role in designing concept of Luxury buses in India. Soon after this collaboration, many came with their concept of luxury but JV between ACPL and Volvo proved to be the winner.

Azad Group is now the pioneer in the field of design and fabrication.




Profile Manufacturing Quality, Production & Design Design Capability APCL & VOLVO Joint Venture Location Milestones
Azad x10/2014 Luxury Bus School Bus Airport Tarmac Coach OEM Buses STU Special Purpose Buses Tipper & Container Export Wing / SKD (kits) Sleeper Coach Private Market Photo Gallery

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